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Christa Price

NMLS ID: 2314328

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Christa has an extensive background in consumer loans and decided to elevate her career by branching out into mortgage loan processing. She loved the learning and growth opportunities which the job description provided for, and felt secure based upon the positive reviews for Coastline Mortgage. It was with this information that she felt confident in taking a chance on her career - and has since been able to continually expand her knowledge base. Since taking the position with Coastline Mortgage, she has worked in the mortgage industry for almost a year and a half and appreciates that she found a job where she can thrive.

During the summer months, Christa likes to relax in the great outdoors by going camping with her husband and children. She may have been born and raised in Maryland, but her love of travel knows no bounds. Christa considers herself to be loyal, respectful, and considerate – all traits that help her accomplish her goals of being successful and learning as much as possible.

She wants customers to know that Coastline Mortgage has a great team of employees who get the job done for each and every borrower. They treat each customer the way they treat their employees – with the utmost respect and care. Christa enjoys coming to work each day because each loan is so individualized - no two are ever the same. She looks forward to working with borrowers and continuing to learn new aspects of the mortgage business!

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